Video_YouTube_IconEngrafted Word Church has a channel on YouTube. We hope to post new videos there from time to time, both to inspire and to inform. Please visit often. Click on the icon on the left for our YouTube channel or click this EngraftedWordChurch link.

Below are a few videos showing what we have been busy doing at Engrafted Word Church since 2011. We look forward to what God will do in 2016. Join us on YouTube by subscribing to our channel.

“10 Years on the Road to Relevance”

“Echoes: 2016 Invasion Youth Conference”
Here is our promotional video for Josh Barclay’s 2016 Invasion Youth Conference. This year’s theme is Echoes. Check out for more info.

“What is a Homeboy?”
This retro-styled documentary looks at the history, culture, and stereotypes of the modern homeboy.
“Kids’ Wing”
Kids’ Wing Construction Video:  A three-minute video of the intense construction project for our new Kids’ Wing at Engrafted Word Church in Cookeville, TN. We officially began in March 2014 and were completed by August 2014. Our members invested over 14,000 hours in six months building this wing for our children and the many who will come in the future.
What is a Hero? (Invasion 2014)
This is a promotional video for the 2014 Heroes Themed Invasion Youth Conference.
Swapping Spit
This gross-out video was one of four videos produced for a Purity Conference. These videos are over the top to help drive home the importance of staying pure before God. Did we mention it’s a gross-out video?
“Inner Child”
A musician has an eye opening encounter with his inner child.
“Quarantinaville (Freedom Dub)”
A fun video fitting for these times..
“New Church Lingo”
A local, cool church produces a brief educational video hoping to enlighten their members on all the newest and coolest church lingo.
“Donut Commercial 2”
A commercial for a new kind of church–Donut Church! Cool, Comfortable, non-Confronational! That’s Donut Church. Find out more about Donut Church at
It Ain’t Necessarily So – University Edition
A reworking of the classic Gershwin standard. Instead of questioning the Bible, this song questions Academia.
“Two Hotdogs, Hold the CHILI”
This gross-out video was the second of four videos produced for a Purity Conference. What’s disgusting to God isn’t always gross to us.
“Rev. Coolguy: The Nimrod Strategy”
Rev. Coolguy reveals his newest seeker-friendly church-building strategy.
“Millstone Beer”
A commercial for Millstone Beer, the only true Christian beer on the market.
“Temple Graffiti”
A faux-commercial about a Christian Tattoo Parlor.
“The Secret Ingredient”
A dinner guest brings some clam chowder that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This is a gross out video regarding the contamination in entertainment.
“Donut Commercial 1”
A commercial for a new kind of church–Donut Church! Casual, Convenient, non-Committal! That’s Donut Church. Find out more about Donut Church at
Thief of God
This is a very simple music video about tithing. We took the very popular worship song “Friend of God” and rewrote the lyrics to talk about stealing the tithe. With all the emphasis on God calling us friend, it’s easy to overlook that sometimes He also calls us a thief.
“Ice Cream, You Scream”
This gross-out video was the final of four videos produced for a Purity Conference. Ice cream will never be the same.
“The Seeker Friendly Doctor”
What would happen if your medical doctor went “seeker-friendly?”
“EWC Sanctuary Remodel”
Sanctuary Remodel video: In 2011, we remodeled our church and what a time we had! Our congregation contributed many hours of hard work to see this project come to completion.