If you have a moment, please view this greeting from Pastor Chris McMichael of Engrafted Word Church Cookeville, TN and learn six things to look for and expect out of a strong local church.


Engrafted Word Church is a SPIRIT-FILLED, non-denominational church, boldly preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our region and the world. Our church is comprised of people from many diverse backgrounds. We are committed to seeing the Upper Cumberland region changed through the Word of God.

We are a church who stays very busy about our Father’s business.  We are not a church for the spectator Christian.  We are a body of believers who are very active in street evangelism, outreach, the local helps ministry, and world missions.  We believe every Christian is a vital member of the Body of Christ. Therefore, every Christian has an important role to play in the local church.  If you’re interested in finding your place in the Kingdom of God, we can help.

At Engrafted Word Church, you can expect to encounter loving people with a heart for Jesus Christ, contemporary praise and worship, straightforward and clear Bible teaching, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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