SMTI_Supernatural_Ministries_Training_Institute_Pastor_Mark_T_BarclaySMTI: America’s #1 Helps School

Supernatural Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) is a contemporary ministry training institute, specializing in spiritual Bible training—building, developing, and equipping believers with the Scriptures to function supernaturally in all areas of life and ministry.

Our objective is to fortify churches and to aid pastors who desire a strong ministry of helps and excellence in the performance of their working staff.

SMTI_Helps_School_by_Dr_Mark_T_BarclayOur emphasis is to provide high-quality training in a condensed format so that students can live at home, keep their jobs, and stay in their local church.

By offering different tuition and training options with locations throughout the world, SMTI makes a college-level standard of Bible education affordable and easily accessible to the multitude of believers who are seriously pursuing excellence in ministry.

SMTI currently offers two ways for you to participate. Video schools are held under the direct supervision of a pastor in a classroom setting. This method requires a host pastor and a minimum of seven students. Correspondence offers the flexibility of having no formal classroom setting; therefore, you may begin at any time you choose and continue at your own pace in your own home. It’s available in either CD or DVD formats.

SMTI_Rated_the_Number_One_Helps_SchoolSince its inception in the early 1980s, SMTI has graduated over 7,000 students from the United States and several foreign countries, including France, Argentina, and the Philippines.