Children’s services at Engrafted Word Church are lively, fun, and minister to every age group, from newborns to 12 years old. The ministry teaches our children the reality of God’s love to meet their needs.

Mission_Kids_Logo_Globe(noWeb)MISSION KIDS

Mission Kids is a class and curriculum we designed to educate our children about world missions. Mission Kids focuses on famous missionaries, the countries they evangelized, the struggles they faced, and what it cost them to be a missionary. In these classes, the children are taught about pagan religions faced on the mission field and even some world geography. For example, when studying about Dr. John G. Lake, a missionary to South Africa, the children learned about the life of Dr. Lake, animism, Hinduism, and the many sacrifices he made to spread the Gospel to South Africa.


Rangers (boys) and Missionettes (girls) enjoy many fun activities while learning important practical skills and principles of spiritual growth. These two groups meet every Wednesday night at 7 pm.